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Tsawwassen First Nation

Tsawwassen First Nation


Emergency & Government Services


The Tsawwassen Legislature is the highest body of the Tsawwassen Government. It consists of 13 Tsawwassen Members, elected at a general election, plus the Chief, for a total of 14 Members. The duties of the Legislature are to discuss and make laws, which form the fundamental organizing principles and expressions of Tsawwassen Government. As part of that function the Legislature passes an annual budget, which is a key part of the accountability structure of Tsawwassen Government.

There are normally two sessions of the Legislature each year (Spring and Fall). Each session lasts approximately 2 months; the number of meetings during each session varies, depending on the number and complexity of the bills and/or resolutions that are before the legislature during a given session. All meetings of the Legislature are open to the public.

The current members of the Tsawwassen Legislature are:

  • Laura Cassidy (Chief)
  • Bryce Williams (Executive Council)
  • Taylor Baker (Executive Council)
  • Valerie Cross (Executive Council)
  • Louise Ahlm (Executive Council)
  • Tia Williams-Seifert
  • Dawn Williams
  • Melinda Cassidy
  • Loretta Williams
  • Maryanne Adams
  • Terri Splockton
  • Kathy Genge
  • Trent Genge

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