HAP Enterprises Ltd.




At Hap Enterprises Ltd our mission is to continue to provide the most efficient and reliable services in BC. We are disciplined and focused on servicing our customers' in every aspect of freight shipping, and strive to provide the highest level of service available in our industry.

Hap Enterprises Ltd is a service company which combines commercial know-how with a deep public service ethos. We will pick up, load and deliver your outbound containers utilizing a web-access for you to track the load and contents to your destination. Transportation of marine and domestic containers specializing in handling containers to and from the Port of Vancouver. Good communication between the drivers and the office is the key to the efficient handling of these containers. We dispatch via a two-way radio system and our drivers all have cell phones, so we can stay in touch when they are outside their vehicles. Backup services of outside trucking companies ensures we do not have any service failures. Many of our regular drivers have been with us for many years,and help educate newcomers and backup drivers when they are here at HAP. Our drivers are our best salesmen and we are extremely grateful for their excellent customer service. Delivery of Marine Containers: Port of Vancouver

'Our Mission is to continue to provide the most efficient and reliable services in B.C'

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