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Immersive exhibition featuring the Canadian Space Agency/Ingenium, HR Macmillan Space Center, and Oculus VR experiences

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Introduction to Space Travel Zone

Curated by the HR MacMillan Space Centre and featuring graphics and information gathered by Sensea Immersive, Stargazer will help you discover the immensity and complexity of the universe. See the “space race” timeline and visualizations of satellites, rockets and the galaxy. the Introduction Zone features Space to Spoon, a hands-on experience with stunning graphics and interactive elements for visitors of all ages. It demonstrates how space technology benefits Canadian farmers and sustainable agriculture.  Space to Spoon was developed by Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency

The Moon and Beyond Experience

Watch how NASA plans to go to the Moon again with its Artemis program to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024, preparing the way for human missions to Mars.

Immersive Experience

Enter a room with an immersive ultra-wide 270º degree projection. It will astonish you by transporting your body and soul into deep space!

Virtual Reality Experience

Take a space walk on the International Space Station with Oculus Quest2 VR goggles. Truly amazing!

School Program

Take a bold step into space with your students at Stargazer.  The program targets student of all students from grades 4 to 10 and links to the 4, 6 and 10 grades BC curriculum.  A perfect outing for day camps as well. For more info please send us an email to:

Perfect for families and a great venue for corporate or private events

Driving Directions : Tsawwassen Mills Mall, park in 4D and we are between Marshalls and Winners Entry 4

Business Hours : Mon-Thurs 10 to 5 Fri-Sat 10-6 Sundays and holidays 11-6


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