Shift from Surviving to Thriving

Not every business has an HR department, but every business has HR needs.

We know you’re busy, and whether your company is made up of one person or 100 employees there’s always so much to learn!


We’ve made it easy for you to learn and have your questions answered about all things Human Resources.


We are pleased to present a brand new collaboration with Head Start Business Solutions Consulting! Together, we’ve created the Business Accelerator Program, focused on providing bite-sized learnings about best business practices.


Our first educational video series is all about Human Resources because human talent is your company’s most valuable asset! By participating in the Human Resources Chamber Member Support Series, you will learn about:

  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Training and Productivity
  • Efficient, Effective and Inspired Organizational Culture
  • Accountability and Discipline
  • Compliance, Legalities, Health and Safety
  • Discrimination, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Communication & Vulnerability

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About Head Start

Head Start is a consulting, coaching & skill development company whose services support corporations and the people behind them with customized services that actually work from professionals who are empowered to encourage positive change. Half measures avail us nothing, almost solutions don’t work,  and uninspired support isn’t good enough. Here, we do things differently, we do things better, in a way that adds value across the board so you and your company, are able to enjoy the value we add to your life and your business.

About Your Facilitator, Mona Sarghie

My personal passions and areas of self-study led to a more inspired and energetic version of myself that has fueled my ability to push my professional life forward in a way I would have previously thought impossible. It has had a significant positive ripple effect. The more I listened to my own instincts and found ways to take care of myself the more determined I became to help others within their personal and professional lives, to inspire those I and my company serves to do the same. Whatever your goals are, I invite you to celebrate the diversity and the intricacies of those goals and offer you the assurance that, no matter the severity or the complexity of the problems you are facing within your corporation or yourself, Head Start is dedicated and determined to offer you the support you need.


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